Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been doing hair and makeup?
 For a total of 13 years professionally but had a passion my entire life.
Are you a Florida native?
 I grew up and was raised in Michigan. During my early adulthood, I owned the largest hair and makeup company in Detroit for 7 years before relocating to Tampa. I’ve been in Florida for 5 years now. 
How long do you book in advance for?
 I take reservations up to 12-14 months in advance and I definitely book aggressively. 
Where did you go to cosmetology school at?
 Douglas J Aveda Institute in Michigan
What services do you offer?
I offer any formal hair and makeup related events, photoshoots and classes. I do not cut or color hair. My passion has truly always been styling and makeup. I love creating updos and bridal hair looks as well. 
What does your makeup kit consist of?
After being in the industry for almost 15 years, I have learned to love products from many different brands. I would say each brand has a specific product I like to use. I carry absolutely everything hair and makeup related in my kit for every skin color and hair texture. I even bring professional lighting and extension cords. 
How large of a wedding party can you accommodate?
 Any party size.I do have an assistant who travels with me to every event and we are extremely efficient. 
Do you offer airbrush makeup?
 Yes, I offer both traditional and airbrush makeup. I’ve been airbrushing for over 10 years and can say I absolutely love it. 
What does your booking process look like for a wedding party?
 I require a signed contract as well as a deposit that is applied to your wedding day services. 

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