The holiday look for less. My favorite 5 holiday makeup must haves on a budget.

An amazing highlighter.

Wet and Wild Fergie highlighter
As we know the holidays are a time for sparkle, shimmer and glam! We all can play up any everyday make-up look with a little exta glow on those cheekbones.

My favorite highlighter of all time is Wet and Wild Fergie “Hollywood Boulevard” A065. The cost of this is under $10. You can purchase this at any drug store or Target. Remember to apply your highlighter to the highest point of your cheekbones. Don’t be shy! Add a tiny bit on your bronzer brush and give your chest a bronzy glow with us! You won’t believe how defined you’ll feel by doing this!

A little extra shine.

NYC ultra-moist lip wear in “retro red”
Want to add a little shine to those defined lips? This lipstick is moisturizing and pigmented! You can purchase this at any drug store or Target. It’s the perfect holiday red. It has blue undertones, to make your teeth look pearly white. Guess how much
you can buy this amazing lip color for? You can purchase it for only 99 cents! You can finally justify buying a bold color, you will only wear once in a while when you spend less than $1 on it!

A bold lip

NYX slim pencil in “hot red”
Who can get through the holidays without a statement lip? We all love a hot red lip! The best thing about a bold lip is you can spend less time on your eyes and face! You don’t want to over-do it. No time before your holiday party? Throw your
hair in a messy bun and add this liner to define your lips. This liner works as a stain. Fill your lips in with the liner completely before applying gloss or lipstick to ensure 12 hour wear look. The cost can be beat at $3.50. I suggest purchasing
at Ulta and using your coupons! BONUS TIP! Once a month Ulta has special sales on Nyx cosmetics. When purchased at the right time you can score this fave of mine for less than $2! Why not try something new for that price?

A defined face

NYX Contour palette
Want to step up your makeup look with more of a natural look? This palette can do so many things. It’s filled with lots of amazing matte bronzers to contour and define your face. Sculpt your cheekbones with it to make yourself appear thinner. Warm your skin up by adding a bronze cheek. You can also use these amazing bronzers for a little extra pop in your eyeshadow crease! Contouring can be tricky, but when done right can be your best friend. Minimize the size of your nose with by adding a little dimension with this palette. Compare to the Anastasia Contour Palette at $40 this palette only costs $25. This is a must have! Don’t forget to use your Ulta coupons!

A long lasting look

Loreal Setting Spray

We all know how long those holiday parties can last! Sometimes we have more than one party to attend in one evening! You want to make sure all your beautiful holiday looks your creating are going to last you all day/night! After doing your makeup, mist your face to lock your makeup down. This spray creates a gorgeous matte look. I absolutely love the Urban Decay “all-nighter spray” but $30 seems like a lot of money during the holiday season to spend on this spray. Don’t worry! Score this one for under $15 at Target. This bottle is a decent size and should last you months depending on usage. Throw in your purse to mist after work to ensure your makeup look will last through the night. This would be the PERFECT spray for New Year’s Eve!
Purchasing these 5 products will get you through the holidays and turn heads without breaking the bank! Who doesn’t want to look good in all those holiday photos? Can’t wait to hear how all your holiday looks turned out!


Ashlee Ann

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