You had me at fake lashes….:-)

Why? My question has always been why not? Lashes make me look and feel more beautiful. Nowadays, as a makeup artist, you usually won’t catch me out without even a natural pair to enhance my real lashes. Yes, I’ve been known to wear lashes to the gym. LoL…. I’m here to answer the most common questions I get as a makeup artist about faux lashes.

What type of faux lash is my favorite? For everyday lashes I love using anything “wispie”. Wispies are usually a range of styles but typically are “softer” and more natural looking. My personal favorite are demi wispies. Although many people love Ardell lashes, I prefer the Kiss brand lashes. They are gorgeous!! You can find these at Walgreens or Walmart. At Walmart you can purchase 5 pairs of lashes for $8.88 ($1.76 a pair). One of my favorite tricks in the book is to double up (stack two) pair of wispies for a glam yet natural look.

Mink lashes- Typically If I’m attending a special occasion or a fun night out, I’m wearing mink lashes. My all time favorite minks are Lilly Lashes. Some of you may know the owner of this company Lilly Ghalichi. Her lash line has become such a success, many celebs have been seen wearing these. My favorite style is “Miami”. ¬†Every time I wear these and post a picture, my followers go nuts for them! They are made with real hair and have a beautiful, fluffy texture. They retail for $29.99. I know, I know. Expensive. Mink lashes are built to last. They say 20-25 uses. I say more like 15, if you take good care of them. Store then in the box they come in and keep in a clean place. :). Lilly lashes can be purchased at

Lash glue- I would have to say my all time favorite lash glue is Kiss strip lash adhesive. I prefer the clear. I know some artists like the dark glue. Just know if your not a pro, when the white glue dries, it will dry clear. If you try the dark glue, it will not dry clear. You can also purchase the Kiss strip lash adhesive at Walmart, Walgreens or Amazon. One trick many people don’t know is lash glue should be applied to the eye-lid when 80% dry. If you put the glue on your lash and pop on your eye immediately you will more than likely have the lash slide around and mess up the gorgeous eye makeup you just spent all night on. I suggest putting a line of the lash glue on a clean counter space and dipping your clean lash gently in the glue. Then wait 2 minutes and apply. Also, make sure to “measure” your faux lash up to your eye before trying to glue it on. I always trim the faux lashes to ensure its comfortable and a natural fit.

How do I take them off? – My remedy for most makeup issues… wipes. Don’t worry, if you use a lash adhesive…your all good. Some of the clients get nervous that the faux lash will be cemented on their eye forever. Typical lash use is 24-48 hours, depending on how gentle you are when washing your face and eyes. You can use a little eye makeup remover ( I love the Neutrogena one) or just your facial daily cleanser. Both will work fine.


Well thats all on lashes for tonight. Hope it helps! I’m off to clean makeup brushes and watch the sunset. Until next time….


Ashlee Ann

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