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Lately, I’ve been getting so many questions about long lasting lip colors for your wedding day! I decided to blog about it and hopefully help everyone out! I used to be totally against lip stains. I feel when they first hit the market, they were so drying and they would always peel the skin on my lips off. With time and trial and error, I have found numerous brands that I feel have gorgeous colors and longevity. Most of them won’t break the bank, unless you get addicted and buy them all! lol 🙂


  1. NYX cosmetics soft matte lip creams- One of the first stains I tried and loved. I bought them at a time when Ulta had buy one get one half off. I always find those times the best to try something new. Why not save money? The positive about this product is that they have SO many colors to chose from. From the nudes to the vampy plums, they have it all. I feel because the product goes on creamy at first, it is easy to apply. This is also a cruelty free line, which is a HUGE plus for me. Gotta protect our furry friends. 🙂 Average cost of this product- $5.99 ( P.s.) Don’t forget to use your Ulta coupon 😉

2. LA girl cosmetics- First purchased years ago at Ricky’s beauty supply in NYC and Miami. I bought a couple mauve and pinks on a whim. I remember testing the color on my hand.(makeup artist problems). I went along with my day, spent hours shopping, eating out and making numerous stops. I went back to my hotel HOURS later to shower and get cleaned up for dinner. I could not get this off my hand. I scrubbed again. Nope. I then too a makeup wipe and rubbed the lip color. Nope. I ended up giving up and going out with a couple pink streaks on my hand. Immediately became one of my favorites for my brides to wear. Since then, the brand has gotten a lot more popular. Ive bought the whole set of lip stains and glosses from this company on Amazon. I know they are carrying it at CVS and certain Ulta’s. It does come in 12 different shades. This one is a little more drying for the lips. When I use on clients, I recommend having a moisturizing chapstick to apply to the center of the lips on occasion to prevent clumpiness. Average cost- $4.99

3. Don’t judge me…I am a bit of an Amazon junkie. Ive definitely found some great lip color sets on Amazon before. I saw a lip stain set of 16 colors that looked extremely similar to the Kat Von D packaging. ( I love Kat products). I was intrigued. I knew they were coming from somewhere far away because it said estimated shipping about 2 weeks. I thought what the heck. I ordered the set. $16 for 16 lip colors. As a makeup junkie, I didn’t care. lol….Two weeks went buy, I forgot I had ordered them when they finally came (makeup confessions). Turns out, totally worth the wait. They are gorgeous! For $1 a piece, I couldn’t believe it. All my clients LOVE THEM. I’ve had numerous people ask me how I purchased every Kat Von D lip color. I just reply “Amazon”. I was so in love with them, I threw 3 of the colors in my makeup bag when I went to Puerto Rico in May. The red was GORGEOUS. You’ll see a really pretty peachy pink I wore in one of my newest headshots with the green leaves in the background. Here is the link if you are interested.



Well after two bridal parties, emails and a lot of lipstick talk, Im off to bed. I need beauty sleep before my photoshoot tomorrow. I hope this helps all of you!

Until next time…XOXO

Ashlee Ann

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