We all know how important skincare is. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I am even more cautious of how I treat my skin. There are so many brands and products out there to claim to “heal your skin”. I have used a ton of skincare and finally gotten into a regimen I really like. I truly feel like these are the best summer skincare products.

My morning I usually wake up with a clean face. Before I put my makeup on, I always cleanse my face lightly and put my daily moisturizer on. I have been using Philosophy “purity” cleanser. It is one of the cleansers I have found that truly cleans my face and doesn’t burn my eyes at all. It also contains meadow foam seed oil that helps lightly hydrate your skin. It totally makes me feel fresh and clean and ready for my day. It comes in three sizes and is reasonably priced at $24, $36, or $44 depending on size purchased. You can also buy the small sample bottles to try at Ulta.

Next, I put my daily moisturizer on which is the Philosophy “water cream”. So let me say, I have never been more obsessed with a daily moisturizer ever! After applying a small amount, I am glowing. The cream feels light and is water based. I can honestly say that I use half the amount of makeup when I use this cream. My face looks glowy and dewey. It dries quickly and I do not feel greasy or oily after using this. It also contains hyaluronic acid and pineapple extract. This is a must buy!

After I apply my makeup, I always set my makeup. Even if I have a minimal amount on, I still use a setting spray. Maybe I am a creature of habit, but I typically like the way setting spray makes my skin look and feel. I am currently using Coola organic sunscreen spray. It contains an SPF of 30 so for us Floridians its amazing! It also contains aloe vera and many nutrients to help soothe the skin. Ive been using it daily and really love it. Its $36 which can seem a little pricey for a setting spray but it should last months and has been skin benefits.

At the end of the day, I always use makeup remover wipes. My “go to” makeup wipes are the original Neutrogena brand wipes. They are in blue packaging. I have used the purple scented ones but they don’t seem as gentle as the original blue wipes. I purchase mine in bulk from Sam’s Club.

Before bed, I love using the Philosophy anti wrinkle night cream. Its lightweight and creamy. The texture is cool. It is a correcting cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used for any skin type. Its $69 and you only have to use a small amount per application.

Another serum I use and mix into my night creme every night is the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum. This stuff is amazing! I use one drop into my night cream. It has won 150 awards worldwide for “best serum”. It contains hyaluronic acid which is considered a “moisture magnet”. It is fragrance free and oil free. If your looking to invest in your skin and really want to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, I highly recommend this serum. It ranges from $70-$100, but remember you are only using 1-2 drops a day.

These are currently the products I’m using for my skincare, daily and nightly. I can’t stress enough how amazing all these products are, and why I believe they are the best summer skincare products. if you enjoyed this post check out some more makeup tips for The latest trending eyeshadow palettes!



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