Whether your a makeup beginner or a pro, having the right artistry tools can help you achieve the looks you want to create. Not only will I share some of my favorite makeup brands, but I will also mention some great tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes. Consider this blog, the ultimate makeup brush guide.

Here is my favorite affordable brand. Ive gotten almost every family member I know hooked on these brushes. They are only $10. They are synthetic brushes. The brush set includes 10 different brushes for your face and eyes. You can choose between 5 different colors. The brushes are soft and feel luxurious, but only $10. These would be an amazing gift for anyone interested in makeup artistry! These brushes come from Amazon and also have the prime option!

Another great cruelty free brush set is the Jaclyn Hill eye makeup brush set from Ulta! It contains 8 brushes plus a makeup bag with the set. Jaclyn is a huge makeup blogger and achieves insane eye-makeup looks. She created this collection to give anyone interested in makeup brushes a high quality brush for an affordable price. The set is only $39. The brushes have a sleek white and silver look to them. Don’t forget to use your Ulta rewards!

The last makeup brush set in this makeup brush guide,  I’m going to share with you guys is the Tarte full face brush set. It’s a great full face starter kit for only $35. Tarte is known to be a great cosmetic line that is always cruelty free. It contains 5 luxurious brushes. They have a sleek nude and gold look which will fit perfectly with any makeup collection. I also love the complexion brush this comes with. I love the way my foundation is applied with this type of brush.

With all these new makeup brushes, you will want to ensure you are keeping them squeaky clean. I recommend the Cinema Secrets makeup brush cleaner in between makeup applications. It’s a professional grade liquid makeup brush cleaner that is quick drying, rinse free and 99.9 percent antimicrobial disinfectant. You can purchase this amazing cleaner at Sephora. Another tip Ive learned when throughly cleaning my brushes is to combine warm water, a couple drops of Dawn dish soap and two drops of olive oil into the cleanser. The olive oil helps to loosen the foundation and product on the brushes!

Hoping this makeup brush guide helps to inspire you to slay a new makeup look and keep your brushes clean! If you need any ideas on some new looks you can create, head over to my portfolio to check out and some new looks and get creative!


Until next time,


Ashlee Ann

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