For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ashlee Ann and I am what you would consider a hair and makeup junkie! It all started at the age of two when my mom chose to gave me a tube of lipstick to calm me down when I would cry. I know…crazy, right? I can only hope it was my shade. I totally believe in inner beauty but don’t mind helping those who want to let it shine on the outside with the help of hair and makeup! Who the hell am I anyways?  I am currently a Tampa based (Michigan native) makeup artist and hair stylist specializing in formal events and weddings. I am a business owner in Michigan and Florida. You can find me at Sephora spending my last dollar on all the designer “must haves” or wandering the aisles of Cvs checking pigmentation of the newest NyX lipstick shades.  I have experience with over 700 brides, production, film and editorial work.  With an extreme passion for all things beauty related, I have decided to share tips and tricks through my blog! I would love to focus on new topics each week so please don’t hesitate to offer suggestions! When it comes to hair and make-up, I don’t believe there is any set of “rules” that have to be followed, but I may suggest an appropriate way to use cosmetics and products that are considered questionable. We all have that eye-shadow at the bottom of our make-up drawer, we just can’t get rid of but don’t know what to do with! Why not use it in a way to make others notice you? It’s all about confidence and the way you carry yourself! You only live once… so why not stand out? I love the options make-up can give us. I wake up each day feeling different. Being a 29 year old woman who wears my heart on my sleeve,  I love having the power to create my looks based on my mood. Feeling sassy today? I would definitely apply that perfect red lip with blue undertones (YSL62M)  to make those teeth pearly white and get everyone’s attention in the room! See where I’m going with this? Sorry for my mind wandering, but when your a junkie like me, the beauty thoughts are never ending! Hopefully, reading my blog will become a weekly “thing” for all of you and if your anything like me, you’ll have a good glass of bubbly in your hand while doing it! Can’t wait to share everything with you beauties!

Cheers! xoxo

Ashlee Ann

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