With all the different themes that brides can choose from, there is also a lot of different options that brides can choose to wear in their hair on their big day. Here is a list of the top 7 trending bridal hair accessories.

1. Veil– There are many different types of veils. To me, veils symbolize tradition. A lot of brides who prefer to go more of a modest, or traditional type wedding choose veils. Remember veils range in style and size. Some prefer long cathedral veil for a more dramatic look, others get a short veil that adds just enough to their dress.

2. Hair Brooches– Not to be confused with the trending brooch boquets, brooches are a great stylish way to add a little extra bling into the bridal hair. A lot of brides opt for a sentimental brooch. Maybe adding something that was handed down from your mother or another family member would be a classy yet stylish way to add bling into your bridal hairstyle. Other brides just like that little bit of extra sparkle, and order them from their favorite website.

3. Hair Vines– Whether its a long bohemian vine, or a long vine with diamonds and pearls. These are one of the newest hair trends. They are typically flexible and brides love the look of something cascading down their hairstyle. Two great places to find these veins are Amazon or Easy.

4. Headbands– These are a huge fashion yes right now! A lot of bridal stores carry a gorgeous assortment of headbands. Keep in mind anything under a “bridal” store will more than likely be more costly. Whether you like a simple satin headband or a headband with jewels and lace, these are definitely trending right now!

5. Flower crowns– Flower crowns are such gorgeous pop of color for any bridal party member right now. I love when brides wear these. It gives the whole theme and vibe such romantic feel. I also personally think they look gorgeous when the bridesmaids wear them. Whether they are multi-colored, or simple and white, these are a definite yes when wedding planning!

6. Jeweled bobby pins– Some brides want that extra something, but not too much. Jeweled bobby pins can be places sporadically, or in a specific area on the hairstyle. These are very cost effective and can be picked up last minute! Don’t want to wear the full pack? Give a couple to the MOB or MOH to add that extra special touch.

7. Fresh flower– Ask your florist to make you one simple or an arrangement of fresh flowers to match your bridal theme. Some of my favorite brides chose to wear, a big white lily or even a nice subtle bundle of baby’s breath. I think this is an extremely elegant and natural way to add an extra touch of glamour.

Hopefully these bridal hair accessory trends will have your imagination running and help you find the perfect touch of glam for your big day!

Until next time!


Ashlee Ann

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